“What makes this production special is the work of the 26 performers and the brilliant saxophone playing by Marybeth Kern.”Alan Bresloff, Chicago Critic

“An energetic, varied score accompanies the performances featuring a vocal performance by the reporter and incredible saxophone solos by Marybeth Kern.”Kara Pohlkamp,

“Saxophonist Marybeth Kern (USA) strolls through the show like a wandering minstrel making merrily magical music with her sexy saxophone, producing amazing riffs and hauntingly soulful musical memories.”Buzz Bellmont, The Houston Chronicle

“Musically, it’s saxophonist Marybeth Kern as a street musician who steals the show.”Philip Potempa, Northwest Indiana Times

“Marybeth Kern’s moaning saxophone emits waves of seduction.”Bradley Troll, The Times-Picayune

“Another standout number is when AMT veteran Wess Cooke sings Billy Joel’s moody “New York State of Mind,” accompanied by Marybeth Kern, who steps down from the orchestra dais to blow a bluesy saxophone. Joel would be impressed.”Larry Alexander, Lancaster Online